360 degree feedback

Please help your colleagues with 360 degree feedback.

Mind-Gap is all about helping people explore their potential and one key way to do that is by getting and giving feedback. 

360 degree feedback is a comprehensive review process where individuals receive feedback from multiple sources—such as managers, peers, and team members. It provides an all-round (360-degree) view of performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. If you want to know more about 360-degree feedback, there is an article here.

How Can You Help? Can we please ask you to take a few minutes to complete this 360-degree feedback survey for the person we e-mail you about? Your assessment will contribute significantly to this person’s self-awareness, growth and development. The survey covers various aspects, including leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.

To complete the Survey: We will e-mail you a copy of our 360-degree form soon. The video below explains exactly what to do but in simple terms:

  • Click on the tab below that relates to your role: Manager, Peer or Team member.
  • Review the management competencies and score 1 = lowest to 10 = highest.
  • If you have not observed this competence, just score ‘0’ and the score will be excluded from the summary.

Confidentiality: Rest assured that all responses are strictly confidential apart from the Manager score as there is only one! Your feedback will be summarised with other feedback and anonymised. It is used only for the developmental purposes of the individual.

Detailed instructions for how to complete your feedback form are in this video:

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If you have any questions about this 360 process, please contact us.