About Us

About Mind-Gap

Mind-Gap is an innovative purpose-driven business founded by Dave Hider in 2021. It works primarily in the UK but is increasingly working globally in a number of other countries.

We exist to help unlock potential in Leadership, Teams and Communities by delivering a range of innovative tools and approaches including:

At Mind-Gap, who we are is as important as what we do. ​We are committed to modelling a different kind of (purpose driven) business; one that is established on our four unshakable values of Transparency, Authenticity, Sustainability and Generosity – where we give away a significant amount of our time and/or profit to people and organisations in need.

Like what you see? Please take your time to consider what we do and who we are and see if we might fit! This ‘fit’ is critical to us!

When you are ready, chat to us.​

We help unlock potential in leadership, teams & communities

We tailor and design content to maximise participation and impact for your organisation’s needs.