Be Intentional

Well, you made it over into 24! Well done! Now what?

We hear so many people saying that they do not make resolutions as they only break them. Well that’s for you – no pressure here!

What is critical as we enter another year is acting with intent. Be intentional about

  • who you want to be: what have you become in ’23? what are wanting to become in ’24?
  • where you want to be: what is your destination by end of ’24?
  • how you want to be: what are your behaviours, values, principles that will be your anchor in your journey?
  • who you want to be it with: who is travelling with you? who are your supporters and challengers?

So New Year resolutions or not; be Intentional this year

Things we would recommend:

  • Plan: Resolutions or not, plan the above. Those that aim at nothing hit it every time!
  • Accountability: Find one or two people that you can share your plans with and give them permission to hold you to account for your plan’s delivery. If we can help, shout!
  • 1% rule: You must know by now about the principles of marginal gains? If not, look here. Focus on small and consistent gains and you will achieve far more than big, unrealistic goals

Whatever else you do, be intentional. Take every day to think about the questions above and who knows where you’ll be by the end of 2024!

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