Bespoke Training Courses

We build bespoke Training solutions to meet your needs

As well as delivering accredited (ILM approved) training, we also deliver a huge range of outstanding and engaging bespoke training – built with you and tailored to your business.

A typical Mind-Gap training day will starts with a genuine and enthusiastic welcome and some group energizers – to get us all in the zone and help our trainers understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the people attending and also more about their work context.

We then open up discussions by identifying the issues relating to the topic of the day and then introduce the latest (and a few tried and tested) models/best practice. We then dive into the application of these models reflecting on our research and experience of best practice. We then begin to align all this into the delegates’ job roles and organisation context.

All our sessions are driven by a powerful mix of outcomes initially commissioned (by you) but also adapted by the group on the day using (learning style driven) interactive activities and discussions. This is where we believe much of the best learning comes from.

We have some great content to start our discussions off but will work with you to tailor these sessions to your needs. Below are just few of the bespoke courses that we have ready to go now. Each topic below has a full course profile we can send on request.

Management & Leadership (multi-day) programmes:

Step Up Into Management: For new/aspiring Line Managers. 4 days typically delivered over 4 weeks

Day One: Leadership & Teams
Day Two: Communication & Motivation
Day Three: Conflict & Difficult People
Day Four: Presentations

Leadership Development Course: For middle/senior Leaders. 6 days typically delivered 6 months

Day One: Leadership & Teams
Day Two: Motivation & Coaching
Day Three: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Day Four: Change & Project Management
Day Five: Stress Management & Wellbeing
Day Four: Presentations

Both the above courses can be delivered with the following 2 optional extras:

Management & Leadership (single day) Courses:

Leadership Development

Personal Development

Team Management / Development

Business Development

This list is far from comprehensive so do let us know if you want more information on any of these courses or if you want us to design something bespoke for you.

Over coming months we plan to roll out a range of open (public) training courses but, until we do, talk to us.

We help unlock potential in leadership, teams & communities

We tailor and design content to maximise participation and impact for your organisation’s needs.