Coaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials

"Dave's coaching style is always very insightful and supportive, this was especially apparent when he took over the management of my service area for a short period of time. The people he was brought in to manage, although very productive, were not working together harmoniously. Dave held a group coaching sessions to encourage open communication and to focus on recognised areas of weakness.

Dave always reassures people and encourages honesty in a safe environment. He uses open questions to promote involvement from all and encourages people to comment on how other participant’s observations make them feel. "

"Dave has coached me for 4 years during my transition from a junior grade to a management grade – without his support during this phase and the past 4 years I don’t think I would have got to where I am now career wise.

Dave's style of coaching is challenging but encouraging which gave me the confidence to believe anything is possible. His genuine desire to want to make a difference in people comes across in abundance and sets him apart from others in his profession".

"Dave coached me during a time when I was struggling to manage relationships with a Manager. As a result of the support offered from Dave, I was able to develop in confidence in dealing with difficult work relationships. This improved incredibly positively over time and meant that the relationship moved away from being a negative one. This I would say is as a direct result of having chance to have some coaching/mentoring sessions from Dave.

Through a number of coaching/mentoring sessions Dave was able to take me through a learning journey to establish where my pressure points were and how to manage relationships to ensure they were successful and to avoid becoming negative and therefore destructive. Dave was able to explore some of my own personality traits to ensure that I was able to bring out my strengths particularly in managing work pressures and difficult work relationships.

Dave has a very open communication style and is able to instil confidence and trust in his coaching sessions. This meant that I was able to be very open and honest with what pressures I was struggling with and enabled the coaching sessions to be productive as Dave was able to unpick all the concerns. He also has the ability to pull together lots of issues and verbalise them so they made sense for me.

Dave is particularly strong in bringing in analogies into his coaching sessions which means that you can relate to the issues being faced beyond how they are seen personally to you. He is also excellent in putting lots of issues together into a pictorial format which means that there is something that can be taken away as a reminder."

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