We offer a wide range of bespoke consultancy support to individuals, groups and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Over many years we have gained a breadth of experience working in various sectors including engineering, compliance, logistics, agriculture, food/drinks manufacturing, education, social housing, health, faith and charity sectors. See some of our customers here.

Our approach is to support you with an ‘outside in’ perspective to deliver results. We use our knowledge and expertise (in HR, strategy, funding, people development, property etc) to help you shape solutions that are highly innovative yet practical and based on industry best practice.

Our consultancy offer sits in five primary areas:

1. Strategic ‘summits’: To help discover a business’s strategic potential by understanding issues of external/internal context, competitors, strategic assets, market position and tactics. More information here on what a strategy day would look like.

2. Bid Writing support: It isn’t too difficult to find the grants or to think of how you might benefit from them. What can be difficult is finding the time to fill in the forms, understanding what the funder is looking for and pulling together a bid that is what your business needs and meets the funding criteria in the time available. This is where we can help!

3. Professional editing and proofreading: Our experience is that there are many superb Leaders out there who struggle to get their vision/plans articulated into written format. Even when they are able to get thoughts down on paper, these documents lack correct grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Let us help you.

4. Safeguarding support: We have years of experience in leading Safeguarding in small, medium and enormous organisations. We deliver safeguarding audits, training and support to DSL’s.

Mind-Gap Consultancy Service by Dave Hider

5. General consultancyOn top of the above specific offers, we also offer general Business Consultancy in six further specialisms:

  • Mergers and acquisitions: Using our years of research and (M & A) experience to positively and proactively influence the culture/people elements of these journeys.
  • Staff development journeys: Assisting in creating frameworks to support your recruitment, onboarding, talent pipeline, performance management/appraisals process etc.
  • Support to build a values-driven business: Exploring elements of culture, values, trust, mission and purpose. Our real passion!
  • Culture: Understanding what you have and want from the culture of your organisation.
  • Conflict and the ‘Dysfunctions of Team’ (Lencioni). Assisting teams to work through the (positive) space of conflict to find deeper bonds of Trust to get better results.

In addition to the above, we have a wide range of other support packages we can offer. But we are also the first to say if we are not right for you so, let’s talk?

We help unlock potential in leadership, teams & communities

We tailor and design content to maximise participation and impact for your organisation’s needs.