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Can we help unlock your potential through Coaching?

Mind-Gap’s greatest passion is ‘unlocking potential’ in people. We believe Coaching is one of the most powerful tools we can use to enable this to happen. Julie Starr (2011) describes coaching as ‘a series of arranged conversations between two individuals which stimulates learning, action and change’ and a dynamic that has been proved time and time again to deliver an outstanding return on investment in Leaders. 

So, why would you need Coaching? Here are just a few reasons:

Coaching is a challenging, but confidential service which enables you to tackle issues facing you in your Leadership. It is a powerful intervention that not only boosts performance but also compresses the development of your Leadership traits. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems. The focus of a Coaching session can be personal or work-related, You are 100% the focus! 

Allow Dave (Founder of Mind-Gap) to tell you a little more:

A Mind-Gap coaching session will typically take place as a powerful conversation between the Mind-Gap coach and the coachee. A session focuses on helping the coachee discover answers for themselves – after all, people are much more likely to engage with solutions that they have come up with themselves, rather than those that are forced upon them!

One of the tools that has been proven to accelerate development in a Coaching process, is that of Psychometric tests which enable us to get right into the complexities of personality and how that affects gaps in our mindset. See here for more information of the Mind-Gap Psychometric offer.

All Mind-Gap’s Coaches are qualified at minimum at ILM Level 5 up to Masters Level. We will link you with who we think is the right person but your ‘chemistry’ so, let’s meet first and see if we fit!

Have a look here to see how others have benefited from coaching from us and then contact us to experience Mind-Gap coaching. We are so sure you will love Coaching, we are even happy for you to have your first session for free!

P.S. We also deliver Level 5 Coaching qualifications so, if you are interested in exploring being a Coach yourself, see here.

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