We love to give....

It is our purpose that drives Mind-Gap more than anything! One aspect of our purpose is to give away to organisations and people in need.  Every year we invest a minimum of 30% (*) of our time and/or cash into a range of Charities and people that we are passionate about:

Lend with Care

Through this fantastic Charity, we give micro-loans to business start-ups in some of the poorest parts of the world. 

In 2 years we have loaned over £7,500 to 47 entrepreneurs, helping 162 families and creating 21 new jobs! A few of these people are shown on the left.

Find out more about this great Charity here.

The Fishermen Trust

Dave helped to establish this Indian Charity 20+ years ago with TFT’s founder Raj Moorthy. TFT is an outdoor adventure Charity, based in Bangalore. It works with children and young people running camps/activity days. 

Over recent years we have supported establishing TFT’s offices, supported staff salaries, funded feeding programmes & more.

Find out more about this great Charity here.

Local Charity support

As well as supporting the Global relief work above, Mind-Gap is also committed to supporting local Charities in our home City of Hereford. Here are three of them:

Giving to Individuals

We also support a number of individuals (and families) in some of the poorest parts of India. Over recent years we have

Our constant and simple focus is for Mind-Gap to enable organisations, families and individuals to achieve far more than if we were not involved, by providing support and finances; both capital and revenue.

Like what you see? Please take your time to consider what we do and who we are and see if we might fit. This ‘fit’ is critical to us.

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* Our 2024 target which we plan to increase year on year.

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