At Mind-Gap we are driven by impact!

When we help people, business and communities, we see big impacts and things start to change! We get lots of feedback from people who we have worked with telling us how what we did was a catalyst in people, teams and organisations.

Because we don’t want to brag about our successes (!) we’ve put some of these stories of change behind the links below. Your’e welcome to have a look if you want to know more:

  • Character: Testimonials about the Mind-Gap team from people who know them best.
  • Coaching: Testimonials from people that have been coached by the Mind-Gap team.
  • Strategy: Testimonials from organisations that we have helped with strategy development.
  • Customers: Listing some of Mind-Gap’s customers.

We would love to start our conversation with you by talking about what you want the impact of your Training or Coaching to be. Let’s talk.

We help unlock potential in leadership, teams & communities

We tailor and design content to maximise participation and impact for your organisation’s needs.