Do you want to understand more about you/your personality or resources to help you grow/develop as a Leader?

The following resources & psychometric tests are free for you to use - compliments of Mind-Gap!

Career change guidance: Taking you through a logical process to (re) discover your knowledge, skills and purpose as you consider a new job role or change to your career

Management Competencies: An assessment of your skills from a 360 perspective: you, your boss, your peers and your team. We would recommend that you assess the feedback you get and produce a SWOT analysis of where you think you are good and need to improve.

Wheel of life: A great way to assess the necessary balance in your life! As stated on the document, think of 7/8 (or more) areas of your life and plot your current state (with an X) and your ideal state (with an Y). See what the ‘balance’ of your life is like and bring your thoughts to a coaching session

The best version of you!: A reflective assessment of who you want to be The suggestion here is for you to think about (and write up) your ‘future vision of you!’ Something that intentionally sets out who you want to be and how you want to ‘do life’ going forward.

Personal/professional support/challenge: What support and challenge do you have in your life? This analysis is based on the fact that to succeed we need ‘challenge’ and ‘support’ in our lives and we need that ‘professionally’ and ‘personally’.

Leadership Styles: Clarify what your natural bias in Leadership styles is. This test will assess your default bias in the Leadership styles: Autocratic, Bureaucratic, Democratic, Laissez Faire, Paternalistic Leadership Style.

Forces working for and against me: An assessment of who/what is on your side and not. This tool will help you assess what ‘forces’ are on your side – and not. It will help you to focus on what you can change and what is fixed.

Team roles: This Belbin questionnaire will assess you team role. Belbin identified 9 team roles and if you complete this questionnaire you will get to see what your strengths and weaknesses are.

VAK test: A great test to assess how you learn: Visually, Audibly or Kinaesthetically

Values: A huge list of values for you to select your top 10 from. Find out what matters to you.

360 feeback: Sometimes our own view of yourself is not enough. We need feedback from others. This feedback sheet will help you find out what people think of you.

Multiple Intelligences: See if you can work out what your dominant ‘intelligence’ is in Howard Gardeners’ Multiple Intelligence test

Learning styles: Honey and Mumford. This test will help you (and your Coach) know what your learning style is. This will inform your day-to-day practice but also help Coaching sessions be tailored to your style

Coaching reflective log: A log to track what is changing during Coaching. If you use the structure of this log on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, it will discipline you to log what is changing, what thoughts are coming up and generally what your learning is. 

Leadership resources: The following may be of use in your personal development as a Leader:

  • Reading articles: A range of articles on Leadership; all in theme order
  • Books: A range of Leadership books in PDF format. We are adding more books weekly.
  • Videos: Dozens of videos in theme order plus links to numerous free Leadership webinars here.
  • Blogs: A range of links to Leadership blogs with the latest Leadership thinking for you.

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