Strategic Reviews

Strategic Reviews

This is perhaps the most unique perspective that Mind-Gap can bring to you and your business. Our strength lies in working with you (Exec. Team, Board etc) to understand our fast moving world (using an ‘outside in’ approach to thinking) and then interpreting its impact on your business by viewing this world through a series of ‘strategic lenses’. Among many other perspectives, we will take a deeper and wider look at your business through the following ‘strategic lenses’:

  • PESTLE Analysis: Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental changes
  • Competitor Analysis: Looking at Porter’s Five Forces and how they relate to your businesses competitors
  • SWOT Analysis: How to build on Strengths, plug your Weaknesses, push into your Opportunities and mitigate against Threats
  • ​Culture: Looking at the culture wheel and how to develop your business culture

Using these tools will develop your organisation’s peripheral vision – giving you a better understanding the key strategic assets of your business and what this means for your refreshed offer to your customers. This usually results in you leveraging more business, growing into new markets or diversifying – all from a strong platform of robust evidence/knowledge.

The modules in our summits work best together when spread over two days but can be delivered as stand-alone modules or even squeezed into one day if needed.

Have a look here to see how others have benefited from our strategic summits and then contact us to experience Mind-Gap coaching. We are so sure you will love what we do we are happy for you to have your first session free!

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