Strategy Development Testimonials

Strategy Development Testimonials

"Dave has worked with us on a couple of occasions now, the latest of which was facilitating a session on developing a greater focus on strategic thinking and how that would help us take our business forward.

Dave unpacked a range of strategic frameworks for us ‘to hang our strategic thinking on’. We looked at future trends, our competitors, opportunities for diversifying and a range of other issues. The analysis he led us through helped us reach a clear set of thoughts around where we needed to go next

Dave was challenging, inspirational, encouraging and, above all practical in helping us get to where we needed to get to as a business."

"Mind-Gap was brought in for a 'futuristic thinking' session, the aim was to get our Senior Management team to think about the rapidly changing world we work in, what the future could look like, how we could be derailed etc. It was a great opportunity to lift us out of the day job to really think about stress testing our business. Senior staff were energised and having leaders across the business thinking differently was very productive.

Dave brought a down to earth, straight talking approach mixing humour with fact/fiction that got us all thinking outside of the box. I would recommend them if you want to challenge the status quo."

“Dave was asked to lead a 'strategic thinking session' with senior Managers in MHA. His passion for the subject is contagious and he equipped attendees to consider how they build the strategic into their day to day activities. As a result I now hold periodic service specific strategic sessions with the senior Managers in my Directorate allowing them to take time to think outside the box and start to implement longer term planning”

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