Next steps to using your PPA

Now you have had your PPA debrief, what's next?:


It is likely you have arrived on this page after your PPA debrief with one the Mind-Gap team. We hope you benefitted from your report and the debrief session.

There are four further resources we now would now like to offer you to help you begin to work through how you could use your PPA findings to help yourself, your relationships with others and your business as a whole:  

  • Dig deeper into your report: When we de-briefed with you, we only would have gone through 2-3 pages of your report: self-image, work mask and under pressure. If you look back at the full report we sent you, it has a huge amount of other information about your personality: personal style, general characteristics, how to maximise potential, strengths and limitations etc. Can we suggest you review this and dig deeper? Maybe develop a SWOT analysis of you?
  • Next steps video: Please take a look at the video below which will help guide you through the use of your PPA in self-development and creating wider benefits in teams etc. Have your report handy as you review the video.
  • Resources: Below the video, you will see a series of links to some great Thomas International articles and resources.
  • Wider resources: Mind-Gap’s resources page is packed full of articles, videos and podcasts that will help you in a range of areas relating to self and relationship development.

Watch this video to reflect on how to use your PPA:

The Mind-Gap team are all registered practitioners with Thomas International and are trained to deliver Thomas Psychometric tests.

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