Values & Purpose

Who we are is as important as what we do.

At Mind-Gap, we are committed to modelling a different kind of (purpose-driven) business that is established on four unshakable values:

  • Transparency: We will always be open and honest with you as to whether we are the best people to deliver what you need. We will never commit to doing anything we are not excellent at. Where we are the right people, we will be totally committed to fair and transparent pricing and to reviewing the success of the work we deliver for you.
  • Authenticity: We will always do what we promised we would do – plus you will typically get a lot more! There is nothing that excites us more than delivering a stunning return on investment for our customers! If ever you feel you did not get what we promised you, we will always discuss this with you and look to rectify things immediately.
  • Sustainability: Mind-Gap are trying hard to play its part in our climate emergency. We have taken two initial approaches to achieve our aim to be carbon neutral by the end of 2024: (1) Firstly, we have begun by estimating our annual current carbon footprint (currently around 3 tonnes) and are currently offsetting much more than this amount each month (0.33 tonnes a month). We are doing this by supporting the ‘gold standard verified carbon reduction projects’ through the Charity ‘Carbon footprint‘. (2) Secondly, we continue to work in a range of ways to be even kinder to the planet by travelling as little as possible (92% of our face-to-face work is in a 30 minute radius of our base), maintaining our ‘paperless’ approach (for handouts etc), using recycled materials where we can, recycling all we can and reducing our energy use etc. We want to do more year on year.
  • Generosity: Simon Sinek talks about the importance of an organisation being clear about its ‘why’ (or purpose). It is our purpose that drives Mind-Gap more than anything! One aspect of our purpose is to give away to others in need so we continue to invest a minimum of 30% (*) of Mind-Gap’s time and/or cash into Charities and people that we are passionate about. To find out more about how we give and who we give to, go here.
* Our 2024 target which we plan to increase year on year.


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