Your TEIQue Psychometric Test Results

Please read the following before your TEIQue results debrief:


It is likely you have arrived on this page ahead of your TEIQue debrief with one the Mind-Gap team. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon and will take between 30-45 mins to go through your report.

As a reminder, if you want to know about Thomas International (who Mind-Gap deliver the tests through) or understand more about Psychometrics (generally) or the TEIQue model (specifically), please see our page on Psychometrics here.

Prior to your debrief, it is essential you watch the 20-minute video below as this will help you understand

  • What the tests are all about
  • How the results framework works
  • What to expect when we meet with you

Watch the introduction video to TEIQue's:

Whilst you are on our website, do have a look around at who we are and what we do.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Any questions, please be in touch.

Note: The Mind-Gap team are all registered practitioners with Thomas International and are trained to deliver Thomas Psychometric tests.

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