Dave's career

A quick look back on Dave’s career:

Pre 2015: Dave worked in the housing and homelessness sector for many years where he pioneered over 15 supported housing projects in various locations (London, Devon, and various locations in the Midlands) latterly in Herefordshire where he founded the award winning SHYPP Project for Young People). 

At the end of Dave’s time at SHYPP, he was promoted to the role of Director of Strategy at WM Housing (now ‘Citizen’) – the ‘fastest growing Housing Association in the UK’ (2015) with 1,500 staff, 30,000 properties and £160m turnover.

2015: This was a pivotal year where Dave successfully undertook his own personal career transition from WM Housing. Dave took on a new senior role in a local Group Training Organisation and began to work in a Workforce and Organisational Development role. This role is where Dave became more passionate than ever about helping individuals and teams through periods of change and transition. The Mind-Gap concept was born out of this passion!

2013-4: One of a number of catalysts for creating Mind-Gap was Dave’s time at Cranfield University Business School where Dave discovered some radical new strategic thinking and tools/frameworks on which he has learnt to hang his experience and passion. Some of these approaches have underpinned Dave’s thinking in developing Mind-Gap’s tools.

2020-21: Dave become a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and then went on to undertake an MBA in Leadership and Management which he completed, with Distinction, in 2021 – yes, in the middle of the Covid pandemic!. As well as immersing himself in Leadership theory and practice, Dave’s MBA dissertation focused on ‘Facilitative practice and its impact in a training context’. This changed Dave’s perspective on training forever!

2021: Dave launched Mind-Gap and, in its first six months and in the middle of the Covid pandemic, the business expanded rapidly, with a multitude of opportunities opening up in the UK and abroad.

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