Paradigms: Your lens on life

Mind-Gap were delivering some training yesterday based on Covey’s 7 Habits. As part of Covey’s introduction to the 7 Habits, he talks about how we each view the world – what he calls ‘our Paradigms’. Paradigms are frameworks that shape our understanding of the world, influencing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The lens through which […]

Which Blob are you?!

Last week I heard about the death of Pip Wilson. I first came across Pip through the YMCA. He was a real innovator in youth work and remained so til the day he died. One of the simple tools that Pip offered to help young people (especially) open up about who they were and how […]

What’s your compass?

Your compass

I’ve just finished reading a good book called ‘The Warrior, The Strategist and You’ by Floyd Woodrow. I thought I’d share the headlines around the metaphor of a compass; What Woodrow calls a ‘Compass For Life’ Woodrow suggests that to navigate through life successfully, we need four primary drivers which he hangs off the compass […]

Existential Leadership – Seriously!?

What on earth is Existentialism I here you cry! Well, it’s fascinating, so read on…! Last weekend I spent the weekend online, with other delegates from all around the world, looking at the topic of ‘Existential Coaching‘ with the genius that is Yannick Jacob. Whilst the course was mind-blowing (to say the least) in the […]