Which Blob are you?!

Last week I heard about the death of Pip Wilson. I first came across Pip through the YMCA. He was a real innovator in youth work and remained so til the day he died.

One of the simple tools that Pip offered to help young people (especially) open up about who they were and how they felt about life was the ‘Blob’ images. The below is just one example of the blobs that Pip offered. The one above relates to a Football Blob concept.

So if ‘the pitch’ were life right now? Where are you? Defensive or attacking? On the pitch or off? Observing or fully in the game?  

What about if the ‘the pitch’ were work or your business right now? Where are you? Where would like to be? How might things change?

What about if the ‘the pitch’ were a project your team are involved in? Who are the stakeholders and where are they on the pitch of the project?

How about viewing the range of ‘blob’ scenarios here and having one or two on the wall in your office? It might just help your teams explain where they are at?

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