Staying ahead of the curve

We are living in such a volatile, changeable world aren’t we? Stability seems to be a thing of the past! So how do Leaders and Businesses not just ‘keep up’ but ‘get ahead’?

Mc Kinsey’s offers some thinking into this space by offering four key perspectives that Leaders must give their attention to:

  • Enhancing your learning agenda: Not to pull back from external learning but to make sure that you’re spending time listening, learning, and connecting dots of the patterns out there
  • Take an outsider’s perspective: What McKinsey’ s call an“anchoring heuristic.” A heuristic is essentially a mental shortcut or rule of thumb the brain uses to simplify complex decisions.
  • Collaboratively define the next ‘S-curve’: The concept of the S-curve is that, with any strategy, there’s a period of slow initial progress as the strategy is formed and initiatives are launched. That is followed by a rapid ascent from the cumulative effect of initiatives coming to fruition and then by a plateau where the value of the portfolio of strategic initiatives has largely been captured.
  • Future proof the organsiation: When things are going well, it’s hard to imagine that an existential crisis could be looming. Unfortunately, no matter how well a company is run, the question for even the best CEOs isn’t if they’ll have to lead through a crisis but when.

So, how are YOU doing in these areas? Stop and think. When was the last time you looked up and out of your business?

As well as the detail of the above areas, set out in a great think piece here, Mc Kinsey’s also offer this series of strategic questions for you to reflect on.

Getting ‘up in the crow’s nest seems to us to be more ‘essential’ than ‘desirable’ these days than ever before. How do you make time for strategic thinking.

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