Before your first Coaching session...

Before meet with you for Coaching...

We have sent you a link to this page to undertake some pre-thinking before we meet with you for Coaching. Can we ask you to grab a coffee and take 10mins. to review the following:

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a particular approach to working with Leaders and so it is important that both (the Coach) and you (the Coachee) are clear what to expect in relation to our work together! As well as reading the article on the link above, can we ask you to review this short video which should help you understand better what Coaching is. Here is Dave, Mind-Gap’s Founder explaining:

Other things to consider before we meet with you:

1. Number of sessions: We need time to see the change you want to see so we usually suggest we start with 5 sessions to begin with – then review. This gives us ample time to do some serious work and see some returns on the Coaching before stopping there or continuing.

2. Frequency: Monthly or six weekly to suit you but possibly monthly to begin – to get some traction!  Let us know your thoughts?

3. Session length:  Each session will typically be around 1-1 1/2 hours plus support in between sessions. Maybe you are up for a little work/thinking before and after sessions?

4. Preparation before sessions: Do try and take 15 mins before each sessions to detach from ‘work’ and get into ‘a Coaching space’ – click the link to read a helpful article.

5. Location: This is for you to arrange to suit you. We recommend off-site for all or some as it changes the dynamic significantly. Up to you though.

6. Focus of your sessions: Finally, before session one, can we ask you to think about what you want out of these sessions? Here are some questions to stimulate your thinking:

  • What is the focus will the sessions take?: Do you want one focus over all sessions or something different at each session or are you not sure yet?
  • What kind of conversations do you want: Reflective/learning from what you have done or future focussed? Do you want sessions to be goal/target-driven or focussing on softer outcomes?
  • How ‘deep’ do you want to go: Are you an ‘all-in person’ (anything goes in the conversation) or not? How committed are you to your development?
  • How much work are you prepared to put in between sessions?  We are a firm believers that during a Coaching ‘season’, the more you put in the more you will get out of our time. What time are you prepared to give to your development?
  • What’s in/out?: What should be the focus of our conversations and what do you keep away from – topic wise?
  • What (primary) role do you need us to play in our relationship!? Challenge, sounding board, opinion giver (!), supporter – or all of them?
  • ROI: If you challenged us around the return on investment you want to see from your Coaching sessions, what would that return be? How might we measure that return?

If you take a little time before we meet to reflect on these areas, we can use them as a starting point for discussion when we meet for Session One.

We are really looking forward to meeting with you!

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