Your compass

What’s your compass?

I’ve just finished reading a good book called ‘The Warrior, The Strategist and You’ by Floyd Woodrow. I thought I’d share the headlines around the metaphor of a compass; What Woodrow calls a ‘Compass For Life’

Woodrow suggests that to navigate through life successfully, we need four primary drivers which he hangs off the compass metaphor:

North: What Woodrow calls your ‘Super North Star’ – or your Purpose. This purpose needs to be realistic but outside your current grasp

South: Your personal strategy to get to your purpose. You have to have steps and actions to reach your purpose, or it is just a dream with little chance of reality

East: This, Woodrow suggests, is your Ethos: Your ethics and values are your beliefs (inherited, developed or bought into) that anchor your journey towards your purpose.

West: Your Warrior spirit: Elements of character, spirit & fight are critical to achieve purpose. These all sound super macho (!) but they often include elements of humility, patience, kindness etc

So,as ever, the question is ‘so what?!’

Can we suggest you take some time today to review YOUR compass: your purpose, your strategy, your underpinning values and, your character.

There’s much more to this book than the above so do dig deeper if you have time plus the video below is Woodrow setting out this model:

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